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At CBD Manufacturers we work hard to create the best possible quality CBD balms for your white label and wholesale needs. Read below to discover all you need to know about how CBD balms work or get in touch with us for more information.

What is CBD balm?

CBD balm is a topical skin treatment containing CBD oil. It is applied directly to the skin where it can be easily absorbed thanks to its salve-like consistency.

How does it work?

Unlike with CBD oil which is consumed or vaped, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine how a CBD skin-based treatment can produce results. However, the skin can act as an effective passageway to absorb fat based oils such as CBD balms.

After applying a CBD salve, the lipids containing the cannabinoids will be carried through the skin and across cell membranes. It is at this point when it is thought that the active CBD begins to interact with the surrounding cells and tissue.

What’s the difference between CBD balm and CBD cream?

The only real difference between these two kinds of topical CBD treatments is that balms do not include water and are instead made from fatty oils and wax. The main result of this difference in ingredients is a contrasting texture of the final product.

How to use CBD balm?

One reason for the growing popularity of CBD balms is the ease with which they can be used. To begin CBD treatment with a balm, the user must simply apply the product to the affected area.

The benefits of CBD balm

  • Easy to use
  • May regulate skin sensitivity
  • May help to manage pain
  • May reduce inflammation

What does CBD balm help with?

Research suggests that CBD balm could be useful in treating a range of medical conditions; as the balm is applied topically it is most effective in treating area-specific conditions and skin complaints. This is because applying the salve directly to the area of complaint allows the CBD to be absorbed directly at the location of the pain.

The fact that the treatment is applied to the skin however, does mean that no CBD will reach the circulatory system. Therefore, a balm is not used for treating the conditions traditionally associated with CBD, such as anxiety.

How is CBD balm made?

Salves are made up of just a couple of ingredients. A natural wax and fatty oil are all that are needed to create the perfect carrier for your active ingredient - in this case CBD.

Before being infused with the chosen fatty oil base, the cannabis plant is ground up into tiny pieces and left for a number of hours in the oil. In order for the cannabidiol to decarboxylates into its active molecular form, it must be left at a temperature of more than 90 °C. This heat is important as it is what allows the fatty acids in the oil to latch onto the CBD.

After the oil has been infused with the CBD, it simply needs to be mixed in with the wax to create the final balm. During this process other essential oils are often added to make the salve more soothing.

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