Wholesale CBD Oil Products

Here at CBD Manufacturers, we produce a full range of products derived from hemp plants and containing cannabidiol (CBD). We extract CBD from natural cannabis sativa plants and turn it into a range of premium CBD products, including pure oil and tinctures, softgels and edibles, and balms and creams.

We sell all of our products as OEM, wholesale, private label and white label products. This means you can create and apply your own branding to the products to create a fantastic CBD range based on high quality products.

Take a look at the range of different products we have available. We can supply you with anything from a single product to all products from our range. To discuss your new CBD oil brand and how we can help you achieve it, get in touch with us today.

Hemp Oils

Available in a variety of strengths and bottle sizes, CBD Hemp oils are the staple product of the market. Containing a variety of cannabinoids found in hemp and using specially selected hemp seed oil as our carrier, renowned for being high in beneficial omega fatty acids and proteins. Our CBD and Hemp Oils include beard oils, rosehip oils and tinctures.

Soft Gels

Our soft gels are made from top quality CBD extracts suspended in MCT oil. Every soft gel is infused with concentrated cannabidiol (CBD).

Each dose is absorbed into the body at a faster rate than most and proven to have longer lasting effects. Loved by consumers for their convenience and portability, CBD soft gels are a must have for any brand!

Balms & Creams

Covering salves, creams and topical applications. From muscle rubs to roll-ons and moisturisers, the direct-to-skin application remains one of the most popular daily uses of CBD products. CBD balms and creams have become increasingly popular among customers for muscle pain, arthritis and even as a post-workout aid. Not only do they do good but they also smell good, leaving your skin lovely and soft to the touch.


For those with a sweet tooth, we provide the highest quality of CBD edibles including infused gummy bears and rainbow strips. This is a convenient and tasty way to get your CBD dose every day, perfect for those who aren't a huge fan of traditional CBD products such as tinctures and capsules.


Our tinctures have been expertly crafted using raw materials from the USA and Europe. Formulated at our laboratory in the UK retaining the plant's original phytocannabinoids, our tinctures deliver a broad spectrum formula with no THC. All of our products are lab tested to ensure purity and potency.

Oral Sprays

CBD oil sprays are the easiest and most flexible option for those who take CBD oil daily. Our oil sprays are produced with the best quality CBD available on the market, to ensure that customers are getting the most out of their dose. These products are simply sprayed under the tongue to be absorbed into the body.